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The Gap Home Renovation Customer Testimonial

With Shane and Sandy’s children growing up they needed a bit more space but also wanted to add value to their house.

The family chose Renovare upon recommendation and found Sab very easy to work with and flexible with changes which made the process very easy! Communicating with Renovare was great, better than what they had experienced before. Shane and Sandy said they would definitely recommend Renovare Newmarket as Cam and the team are very friendly, approachable, easy to work with and they tidied up after themselves!

Arana Hills Home Renovation Customer Testimonial

Sab and Christine’s home at Arana Hills has had a full renovation and here they tell us about their experience working with Renovare. Sab and Christine particularly liked being able to go to the Brisbane Renovation Hib to check material and fittings. The build process was smooth and communication excellent with the whole project being very workable.

The Gap Renovation – Driveway, Carport and Retaining – Customer Testimonial

Gabby from Renovare Newmarket takes us through an exterior renovation in The Gap, Brisbane consisting of a new driveway, carport and retaining wall renovation. This renovation has improved the value of the home and of the whole cul-de-sac!

Renovation Review: Susi Talks About Her Complete Home Renovation

Susi and her family wanted a new home but loved where they lived. They had lived in the house 14 years but the home was old and not satisfying their needs. On top of that, the bathroom was in serious need of fixing.

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